Thursday, October 4, 2012

Red shoes and acoustic songs

Top - F21;  Bottoms - H&M;  Shoes - Chinese Laundry; Earrings - F21

The heat wave is over and I can wear sleeves comfortably once again! I asked my dad before leaving the house whether my top reminded him of a penguin or of bowling attire, and he said yes to both. I was tempted to change afterwards but convinced myself that it would look chic if paired with the right bottoms and shoes. I absolutely love red heels, so I figured that the simplicity of the colors of my outfit  would require a little pop of red.

The peaks of my day are as follows (yes, the term was borrowed from the Kardashians):
1. Hearing the story of my little cousin telling the flight attendant it was his first time on an airplane and insisting he needed to see the cockpit. 
2. Boiling crab, gelato, and strawberry beer
3. Relient K songs (acoustic versions preferred)

Pits of my day:
1. Dealing with my first rude patient
2. The burning in my stomach post-Boiling-Crab meals
3. Retelling stories of a time I wish I could permanently erase

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