Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comfy trousers and loafers

Top - H&M;  bottoms - True Religion;  shoes - Michael Kors; watch - Anne Klein
Photos c/o Glenn Mercado

I apologize for the brief hiatus. My work schedule and my sister's free time kept conflicting last week leaving me with no one to capture my awkward posing and smiling. I do hope I eventually get better at taking pictures. I always worry about that fine line between confidence and vanity when taking pictures, yet I am still treading awkwardly in the "camera shy" zone.

Yesterday was my little cousin's 7th birthday. I think he'll always be little Rico in the eyes of the older cousins (which I'm sure frustrated him as he was trying to be Mr. Cool in front of his first-grade buddies.) I always get a kick out of being around little kids these days. Witnessing their lively imagination and genuine disgust towards affection and fascination with bugs and makeup and airplanes keeps me grounded and forces me to break free of the worries that inevitably pile up with each added birthday candle. They're a breath of fresh air.

Super throwback picture. Peep my sister in the right corner! Hehe, she could teach me a lesson or two about model poses.

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