Thursday, September 27, 2012

Professional world

Top - F21; Bottoms - F21; Bag - Aldo; Shoes - Nine West

Today was my first official day at Bella Eye Care Optometry and I had such a wonderful day! Dr. Nguyen is just the coolest and the other clinical assistant, Teresa, is so sweet and spunky. I think I’m really going to enjoy working there. I’m so glad I didn’t just jump on the first job offer that presented itself to me. Now, I get to spend every day in a clinical environment that I enjoy and interact with patients on a daily basis! I have no doubt that working at Bella Eye Care will get me even more excited about a career in medicine. 
One of the most exciting changes from my office assistant job at ORL to this job is the dress code. While I thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of wearing jeans and work-out clothes at my old job, I definitely welcome the opportunity (or rather the requirement) to wear slacks, pencil skirts, heels, fancy blouses, and blazers. 

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